Justins Army – Justin Fletcher should be Christmas number 1

Anyone that knows me will know that I am a mad twitter addict with 5 children – 2 of whom are massive Justin Fletcher fans! (The older ones are too but won’t admit it publically).

I adore the man too. My son has perfected Makaton thanks to Justin and Mr Tumble and can sing all the songs from his last album off by heart, with all the signs!

Justin’s latest offering Justin’s house is also a huge hit. Anything that encourages wiggling and jiggling or any form of exercise is great in my eyes.

So, you can imagine my excitement when it was announced that Justin is releasing a single! Yep, I did say a single!

Hands Up is released on 20th November and already has Isaac bouncing around the room copying the dance moves and singing!

Now I am fed up with the X factor and their domination of the Christmas charts and what better than a genuinely feel good, fun song that gets the whole family dancing and laughing to beat them! Plus the winners single is one of my all time favourite songs which is now ruined (In my opinion)

My mission is to get Justin Fletcher to Christmas number 1 and our nation of children dancing to him on Christmas Top of the Pops!

Please join me and hashtag #justinsarmy on twitter and get this mission talked about wherever you can.
Please see the link to his video below:

YouTube –

You can also follow Justin at @_justinfletcher

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