Busybee Candles – Heaven Scent

I have to admit that sometimes my house doesn’t smell quite the way I want it too, what with a baby in nappies,  a toddler just coming through the potty training stages, 2 teenage stinky boys and a husband.
I have tried plug-ins and expensive air fresheners and they end up smelling artificial and giving me a headache.

I have been on twitter for about 18 months and stumbled across Busybee Candles quite by accident.  As a candle fan I had a nose around their website and was really intrigued by the scents they offer.  There are far too many for me to list here, but my absolute favourite (at the moment) is Baby Powder.  It honestly does smell like Johnsons Baby Powder.

The candles are handmade by the lovely Haith and Dee in Wales and are made from Soya wax and high quality cotton wicks.  In all my years of buying candles I have never known one to burn all the way to the bottom leaving little or no wax left until now – plus they last ages!!!!

Busy Bee Candles

If you have an oil burner you can buy wax tarts, which are the same great fragrances as the larger candles but are a really inexpensive way of finding your favourite scents.  Just pop them in the oil burner, light your tealight candle and off you go.  They last well too!

This isn’t a sponsored post, I was just reminded how much I appreciate these little miracles after a nappy incident this morning.  I decided to light the Gingerbread fragrance and when hubby emerged from his bed he thought I’d been baking!

So if like me you love your house smelling lovely and like to put your feet up in the evening with a candle flickering nearby, then these are for you and if you are stuck for gift ideas in the run up to Christmas then these are perfect!

You can follow BusybeeCandles on twitter @busybeecandles where they run monthly competitions too!
Their website address is http://www.busybeecandles.co.uk

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