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I have been inspired to do this by Jane (@northernmum1) who asked for help in voting for Old Basing Powell Scout Hut to win a £65,000 grant from Energyshare to help modernise their building.
Whilst I was giving her a vote, I noticed that a project local to me was also competing in another category.
Let me introduce you to The Hub, Lyme Regis!
Here is what Ayvin has to say:
The Hub ( is a new project of the Lyme Regis Development Trust, to renovate an old abandoned building and make it energy efficient, sustainable and a progressive centre for young people in the Lyme Regis area.
The Hub’s energy strategy is an important and holistic part of a much larger vision. The Hub’s significance is far deeper than good energy practice. It reaches into the heart of our community, valuing young people and giving them the best start in life we can. It will be part of the glue that binds us together.
As a multi-partnership, we will work with the community and region to offer inclusive, inspirational, enjoyable and educational activities & services for young people. It will be a centre of excellence and part of the Hub’s long-term sustainability will be to produce and conserve its own energy and be an exemplar of good practice to the whole community.
This is a very special moment in our town. We have kept a building in community hands and made a fresh start, coming together in a spirit of enthusiasm and support for young people. The Energyshare opportuntity has come at a perfect time to launch The Hub on a sustainable financial footing and contribute to a new and progressive beginning, symbolic of the way communities can move forward.
Thanks to all the local support so far, we are now in the competition final for the first ever Energyshare grant, sponsored by River Cottage and British Gas. With your vote, we could win £100,000 to help make our vision a reality.
We are a small town competing with some large cities. They will have lots of local support and we wish them well. We have an excellent project in a rural area but fewer locals to give support. To stand a chance, we need people from far and wide to share our vision, not just about energy but also supporters of young people and how to tackle their rural isolation and sparse cultural opportunities.
To read more and vote please go here:
You will find the Hub in the Large Project category and we are currently in 3rd place so we need all the help we can get with just 13 days to go!
Whilst you are there, I’d also like you to show your support for Jane @northernmum1 in the medium catergory and you can read her story here:
Thank you!

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