A Tattoo too far?

I am still reeling from the discovery that my beautiful 18 year old daughter has had a tattoo done.
I didn’t shout, scream or cry but I felt like doing all three. When I asked her why the response I got was “It’s my body”
Am I being old fashioned in my thinking? So many celebrities have tattoo’s and nobody bats an eyelid. I look at the likes of Cheryl Cole and think, if only she didn’t have that tattoo on display, it ruins the look of that dress!
My main worry is the position of the tattoo. She has had it done on her wrist, which I think will affect her job opportunities! She wants to be cabin crew – a job for which you need to look the part too.
As a former manager, visible tattoo’s and piercings were a no no for jobs with the public!
What do you think, am I worried for nothing??

2 thoughts on “A Tattoo too far?”

  1. I would say yes you are worried for nothing if this is a tattoo she really wants and likes. I have several tats myself and they tell a story/journey through my life.

    With regards to jobs they cannot and should not discriminate against a tattoo unless the tattoo itself is which I think is not. And I have been in a mangers position and was not a loud to discriminate against colour,religion, sex or looks as who are we to decide on who a person is based on looks what they wear or how they speak.

    be supportive and show interest and I’m sure that there is more to the story then just “my body” be involved and she might not do it again or you will like what she has to say.

  2. Maybe I’m worrying for nothing. I think I’d have taken it better if it was a pretty butterfly but it’s a very striking word written in black. It’s fresh too so hasn’t settled yet!
    My friend was here at the time who has spent thousands trying to get one removed, so not the ideal time to reveal!!
    I will ask her about it and thanks for the advice!!


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