Hands Up – Justin Fletcher

So –  Hand’s Up – the first single by Justin Fletcher is out now, but sadly has not made the top 40 this week.
I would love to prove that us Parent Bloggers have real power and would love to see Justin reach the Top 40 and ultimately Christmas Number 1 with this catchy tune.

Justin Fletcher - Hands Up

My plea to you all is please get this single out there – on twitter and facebook.  I am new to blogging and don’t have the follower count, but if we all join in then we are sure to get it in people’s heads and hopefully into the charts.

Please, if you or your children love Justin Fletcher either RT my blog, or do one yourself.  Just hashtag it with #justinsarmy to see if we can get it trending in the UK! 

Watch the video here:

Here is my baby daughter dancing to it:

You can follow Justin on twitter @_justinfletcher and like him on Facebook

and here is the Justin’s Army fanpage:  http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/294724653885360/

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