Thinking Slimmer – Week 1

For those of you that read my last post, you will know that I started my Thinking Slimmer journey last week.
Downloading Trevor (the voice) onto my Ipod was easy and I began to listen to his hypnotic tones last Sunday.  If nothing else it is very relaxing, even though I was hoping he might sound like David Tennant!
I was so skeptical of this but within a couple of days I realised that I had cut out my obligatory bag of crisps with my lunch, and was reaching for fruit or nuts instead of a biscuit if I was hungry.  By Thursday I was so curious and just had to weigh myself and discovered I had lost 2.5lbs.  Hooray!!
Then it all went wrong!
Toddler boy developed a heavy cold and an ear infection so I was up on and off all Wednesday  night with him.  Thursday his sister went down with it and I was up with her from 2am.  I don’t know about you, but if I’m tired only something with an instant sugary hit will do!
Friday night disappeared in a blur – Baby Bear wouldn’t settle so I ended up falling into a fitful sleep on the sofa so I forgot all about poor Trevor.  Its been the same since, Baby Bear has Laryngitis so has lost her voice so I don’t want to go to bed with Trevor playing incase I can’t hear her.
I weighed myself this morning and am back where I started, even though my jeans feel looser.
Here are my measurements for this week:
Weight:  10stone 6lb = no change
Left Arm:  30cm – no change
Right arm:  34cm – no change
Bust:  90cm:  -2cm
Waist:  88cm – no change
Tummy:  99cm:  -2cm
Hips:  98cm -2cm
Left Leg:  50cm – no change
Right Leg:  50cm – no change
So where has this drop come from?  I actually went grown up swimming this week and manage 46 lengths of the pool, plus I have been avoiding bread where possible.
I’m still skeptical, but am going to keep going despite my failure this week…….I’ll keep you posted!

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