My New Adventure

I have mentioned it a couple of times on twitter but as of 28th December I am no longer employed.

I fell out of love with my old employer when I returned to work following the birth of 3 year old Isaac but persevered in the vague hope of it improving. It didn’t improve so I decided to undertake a Childminder training course.

I got my qualification but not long afterwards I discovered I was pregnant with Eliza so I battled through doing a job I no longer enjoyed with management who were not familiar with “work / life balance”

Almost 18 months later, here I am no longer employed, about to start on a new career as a childminder. I’ve been busy writing policies (no mean feat), booking first aid courses and filling in forms.

I was going to wait to name my fledgling business but it seems I will need a website, a logo and business cards etc which, along with Ofsted registration takes a while to do!

This is where you come in my lovelies. I need you’re help. Is there any name that would really put you off (my per hate is odd spellings)?

I loved the name Mini Beasts (refers to ladybirds, bees, creepy crawlies) but hubby thinks this could be misconstrued. He likes Bears in the Wood, but I think this could be linked with Babes in the wood, which isn’t a particularly good Fairytale.

What do you think??

All suggestions welcomed!!

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  1. I always thought “Home away from Home” would be good, I really like mini beasts but I dont like bears in the wood, seems a bit sordid.

    Good luck on your new venture, I am thinking along the same lines now too.


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