My Childminding Adventure Part 2

Yesterday was a bit of a shock to the system. I had a lovely phone call from Ofsted saying the wheels were in motion and they were dealing with my application. Then came the news that I needed to pay them £35 to register.

I also had to pay out for my Health certificate (£30 – thanks to my lovely doctors for less than 2 pages of questions) and £102 for a Paediatric First Aid course.

Even when I was working this would have been a struggle but now with no income at all it’s a nightmare!

Before Christmas I had the pre-ofsted check and I was advised that there are certain things I need to get changed. I left it as Christmas was on its way, but have started getting quotes now it’s the new year.

If I’m honest I want to curl up in a ball and cry now. It’s looking like its going to cost us at least £1000 and that’s without giving the house a lick of paint.

Our intention to buy a “doer upper” of a house has turned round and bitten us in the bum! Six years on and we are still nowhere near!

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