Family Frolics – A trip to the Seaside

The lovely @Multiplemummy has come up with a wonderful linky that comes out every Friday.

Being caught up in modern day life we often forget what fun we have had with the kids during the week so it’s a wonderful way of documenting an activity or trip you have done with them that week.  For more information go here:

Here is my Family Frolic for this week:
Living where we do, we often take the local attractions for granted but this Sunday the weather was so mild and sunny that we decided that a trip to the beach was in order.  The plan was to take a brisk walk along the promenade and enjoy the fresh air, but with a three year old in tow, it was more of an amble!
We arrived in Boscombe and took a short stroll through the beautiful gardens down to the beach and decided that our first port of call would be the Pier.  I am not sure why the children love the Pier so much, maybe it feels like they are out at sea, or maybe they just like looking through the gaps in the planks at the waves passing underneath, or trying to spot a fish.

Boscombe Beach


It was a fairly quiet day, so the kids had lots of room to run and soon began a game of chasing each others shadows.  This is great fun, although it can get rather raucous with shouts of “I just jumped on your head!” etc.

Boscombe Pier


Then came the best game of all……….Shadow Monsters.  It basically means trying to make Monster Shapes using your shadows, but ever one to make the biggest and best monster were hubby and the boys.  Here are our results:
Boscombe Pier

And here is our finished monster:

Boscombe Pier


After shadow fun, we then headed off to the beach for a bit of wave chasing.  We just made sure that the waves wouldn’t catch us with it being January after all!!
Wave chasing - Boscombe Beach


And finally after a short stroll along the promenade we finished our day at the best restaurant / cafe in Bournemouth with a first class Hot Chocolate and a bowl of huge chips for the kids!
Hot Chocolate
After we had a brief rest we headed back to the car, full of fresh air and worn out!
And this is what happened next:
Fast Asleep

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