The lovely @charliemoos has asked me to review a new FREE parent network with a difference, where you can join local playgroups, meet friends and plan playdates using the unique scheduling features on the website.

Why not ask your local school, nursery, playgroup, club or class to register their group today – it’s a FREE, fun, friendly local website for parents and carers of children in the UK. Using Playdates, you can meet up and make friends within the playgroups.  Yes it’s all about ‘Playgroups’.

This is new in the UK but NOT throughout the world so be one of the first in UK to tell your friends. will be promoting socialising outside the web, increasing events and physical social activities both parent/carer and child can do together. Essentially, using the site to arrange playdates with your child’s friends parents/careers, or as a tool to promoting groups of parents meeting up locally via the playdate groups created on the site.

There will be lots of info for us parents as well loads of things going on in your local town. As a mother and a childminder I think this tool will be invaluable. I cannot wait to see the app and I shall update you with all with how I get on with the Dorset area. I am forever moaning that I miss events as I have not seen or heard about it, so this should make it easier!

Why not have a look for yourself ……………..

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