Thinking Slimmer Update

I am the first to admit that I’ve not been consistent with Thinking Slimmer. I try to listen everyday, usually on the school run, but have been thwarted by various things, such as missing headphones and mums wanting to chat.

I had my weigh in on Tuesday as am taking part in the New Year, New Body support group set up by @LizJarvis and was disappointed that I have only lost 1lb in the last two weeks, taking me back to what I weighed before Christmas.

Yesterday was spent hoiking up my jeans and getting annoyed that they kept falling down, so today I measured myself.

I am high waisted and have lost nothing from my waist, but I have lost an incredible 7cm from my stomach!!! I am amazed.

I also need to be re-measured for a bra as I’ve lost 3cm there too – I thought I was uncomfortable. Shame I can’t afford it!

I’m not sure I’m ready to ditch the scales just yet, but I’m pleased with my progress and it’s given me the incentive to carry on!

2 thoughts on “Thinking Slimmer Update”

  1. Gives me a bit of encouragement, as I’ve been eating less and exercising more (doing a bootcamp fitness class, which is killing me!) And I gained 1lb this week!!!! So disappointed.
    But I may well have lost inches. Clothes are feeling looser.
    So I’m going to keep going.
    Haven’t listened to my Thinking Slimmer since before Christmas. Must dig that out too x

  2. I was really disheartened as not losing anything so am really pleased with myself!!
    It really is worth keeping measurements.
    It’s my tummy that lets me down – I’m a typical apple shape


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