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The very lovely Mummy Constant has tagged me in a post to reveal the first five songs that come up on my iPod when it’s on shuffle.

Here is the scary part – my iPod is used as much for me as it is the kids, so I have a variety of random music on there from Justin Fletcher and Disney to The Goo Goo Dolls and Adele.

Here goes……………………………………………………..

Song 1:  Little Bit of Luck – DJ Luck & MC Neat

I love listening to tracks from when I was younger and working in bars and clubs.  This isn’t one of my favourites, but I was singing along when it came up!!

Song 2:  Fall At Your Feet – James Blunt (Live)

OK – I come clean.  I Love James Blunt.  His back to bedlam album was the soundtrack to our honeymoon and I have seen him live too.  Our first dance was to Your Beautiful!

Song 3:  I Won’t Let You Go – James Morrison

I love James Morrison for his easy listening tunes.  My eldest daughter adores him and has been to his concert locally.  His signed poster still adorns her wall!

Song 4:  Messy Little Raindrops – Cheryl Cole

OMG – can’t believe I still have her album on my phone.  I like the songs she has released, especially Fight for This Love (who can forget Rufus Hound parading around the stage for Sport Relief 2010)

Song 5:  Hometown Glory – Santogold (Radio 1 Live Lounge)

I love Radio 1’s Live Lounge albums.  I always find it interesting how another artist interprets a song.  I have to admit in this case that I prefer Adele’s original

So there you have it.  None of my firm or current favourites, but not bad!

(Thank goodness it stopped on song 5, as 6 was Digga Tunnah from the Lion King lol)

The yummy mummy’s I pick to continue are………


Good Luck x x x x

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