Weaning – The Messy Truth

Weaning brings fear to my heart!

Why you ask?

It’s so bloomin messy no matter how well you’re prepared.

I started weaning Eliza at 6 months and she was quite a nice eater, choosing not to spit it out but to savour the flavours – then her siblings taught her to blow raspberries!!

I’m sorry, but have you ever tried to protect the baby, yourself, the highchair and any other surrounding furniture (or animal / child / daddy) when a child blows raspberries with a mouth full of food? 


Many a nice pale coloured top has been ruined by splatters of orange spaghetti bolognese or a smear of mushed vegetables.

Now the culprit is older, we have reached a whole new level of mess!

If I feed her, her hand goes straight into her mouth to reach in and grab said food.  She examines it carefully, rubs it through her fingers and then either puts it back in her mouth, or smears it around her face or in her hair.

Want proof:

Here is last nights picture:

This is my entry into the Appliances Online messy kids competition

If she feeds herself, well it pretty much goes the same way, but the cats get a treat as she has a throw to rival Fatima Whitbread!

My tips for weaning are:

  • An easy clean highchair
  • Washable floor (or plastic mat if you have carpet)
  • Bibs, bibs and more bibs
  • Dustpan & brush
  • A washing machine that is prepared to work hard!
  • Patience

 This is my entry to the Me, the Man and the Baby and Mother’s Always Right messiest kids competitions with Appliances Online

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