Living with Teens

I was having a twitter conversation with a fellow mum with teenagers last night and it seems I’m not alone in my frustrations.

I continue to believe that baby and toddler parenting is easier, despite the sleepless nights, teething and tantrums!

Why, you ask?

  • Teens answer back and have an argument for everything (and I mean EVERYTHING)

  • Teens know it all!

  • Teens need to be surgically removed from mobile phones

  • Teens ignore any advice you offer – in fact they do the opposite
  • Teens need the latest laptop / designer clothes / Blackberry otherwise they will self implode (Fact)
  • If you ask a teen to help its “So Unfair”

  • Everyone else’s life is so much better than theirs

  • Teens are incapable of turning off lights, drawing curtains, making beds and generally clearing up after themselves
  • Teens rarely have a tidy room (only when mum does it)
  • Newly washed and ironed clothes are put back in the wash basket because they can’t be bothered to put then away!
  • Teens expect the Bank of Mum & Dad to be open 24/7

  • Teens wish to stay up late and then can’t get up the next morning

  • Teens tell you they’ve done they’re homework / room etc, when they haven’t!

  • Teens appear to speak an entirely different English language

  • Always wear protective clothing and a hard hat when opening their wardrobe – falling objects and mouldy food common place!

Have you got any other “teen traits” to add to the list?? I’m sure there are many more………TBC

2 thoughts on “Living with Teens”

  1. Get your point – but then at least you don’t have to wipe their bottoms, fish bogeys out of their noses with wet wipes, and give them a cuddle at 3am while they puke all over you.
    But that’s coming from the point of view of a mum of tots. Sure when I have teens I’ll think it’s harder too.
    And I agree it’s going to be much more expensive. At least littlies are happy with a few bits of Lego 😉


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