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I had never heard about CubbyKit until @mummy_blogger introduced me to @CubbyKit. When they tweeted they were looking for reviewers for their CubbyKit I was there like a shot.

I love crafting with my boys, but I am the first to admit I don’t do it half as much as I should. I gave them my address and wondered what we would be receiving.

The very next day, a wonderful brown parcel arrived, addressed to Isaac. Now who doesn’t like recieving post, especially a big parcel? Cue much excitement in the house!

What was inside?

Firstly, I must say how beautifully packaged it all was. you open the box and the contents are wrapped in tissue like you can see above. Once this tissue is open, each activity is in its own individual brown paper bag. Not only looking lovely, but environmentally friendly too!

The CubbyKit we received was the one aimed at 3-4 years olds and was a Space theme.

3D Rocket Picture:

This was Isaac’s first choice and involved getting nice and messy with colouring, sticking and cutting activities. Big brother Kian joined in, making this a great family activity:

As you can probably see from the messy table, there are full instructions and ALL equipement is provided – Glue, glitter, safety scissors, crayons, colouring pencils etc

Choosing colours
Isaac’s favourite part was sticking:

Once coloured in the rockets were decorated and stuck on black paper (also provided) and Isaac began making the night sky

And here us the finished 3D Rocket picture:

Constellations Wall Chart:

This was a little old for Isaac and involved joining the dots on postcards using a silver pen. 11 year old Kian loves all things Space and is actually studying this at school, so he took over this activity. Once the dots were joined, the boys stuck the postcards on the black paper and Isaac decorated around the them:

Mushy Martians:

This involved cooking up some Playdoh and decorating it with googly eyes and pipe cleaners to make a funny Martian.

I didn’t get any pictures of us preparing the play doh, as it needs to be heated on the hob and was quite a mucky affair with a 3 year old in charge of the flour! Suffice to say, any child who enjoys getting stuck in will love this activity.

Once the playdoh is made you can get designing the Martian. Here is Isaac’s:

We thoroughly enjoyed our Cubby Kit and highly recommend it.

This is what CubbyKit have to say:

Inside every CubbyKit:
Each box will have all the materials and instructions needed to create these activities.
Activities are designed by parents, reviewed by advisors and tested by children.
Takes the hard work out of having fun with your child.

CubbyKit is a subscription service costing £19.99 a month. Please click on the link on the left hand side of my blog for more information.

5 thoughts on “Cubby Kit – Our Review”

  1. Thank you for the lovely review!
    It’s great to see the whole family involved in the activities.

    Isaac’s martian is very cute :). Glad that you enjoyed trying it out too.


  2. Your pics look great. It’s really nice that they include everything you need, even scissors. I also like that you mentioned the activities are divided up in separate brown bags, probably makes it a lot easier to organize.

  3. My 8 and a half year old loves doing these activities, and she could help her 6 year old brother out too: what a great idea for them to play and make stuff together without fighting over the iPad. Thanks for your review ChelseaMamma.


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