Why not kick us when we are down!

I was quite happily reading my tweets this morning when I saw a Sky News Breaking story come through about Halifax raising it’s mortgage rates.

I’ve already had discussions with many of you about the reductions of tax credits, and the 40% tax limit – both of which affect us.  Now to add insult to injury the Halifax is raising it’s SVR (Standard Variable Rate) to 3.99% when there has been no increased to the Bank of Englands 0.5% base rate.  In a nutshell this is going to increase our outgoings by around £500 per year.

Also announced this week is a hike in petrol prices, which are already sitting around 137.9 here.  We are a one car family but hubby needs his for work so there is no way he cannot use it. 

It feels like as fast as we are making cutbacks to try and survive these tough economic times, the government and banks are pulling the rug from under our feet.

What do you think?

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