I’ve No Idea Mum!

I love @EnglishMum‘s blog, mainly for it’s out of this world recipe ideas but today came a genius piece on parenting teens that is just so true – I don’t know how it happened!

I had one of those moments myself today.

My son (14) has a mobile phone on contract.  You may think I am mad, but it was his sister’s and she wanted to upgrade so I took it over as I was spending the same amount topping up his phone each month.  For the first 3 months he was fine, keeping well within the 200 minutes and 500 texts he was allowed.  Last month he went over by £6 – not a huge amount, but enough for “a discussion”.

This month, well that’s another story…………………………….£30 over!  I know it doesn’t seem much, but I am not currently working and don’t have that sort of money to throw away.  Said “son” has no idea how he has done it.  Apparently the phone has magically been making calls all by itself. “Clever phone”

So, I am busy cooking up ways of him paying this money back.  He has already had his laptop and PS3 taken away for other misdemeanours.

So, I am asking you – what evil thought provoking jobs would you make him do to pay this money back?

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