Is Sterilisation the answer?

This is quite a sensitive subject with me at the moment, but I need to make a decision.

Is sterilisation the answer?

I have 5 children – the oldest 18 and the youngest has just turned 1.  Apparently I should be thinking of ways to stop having another baby!  Various family members ask if hubby has had the snip yet, and threaten to corner him with a pair of bricks when they find out he hasn’t ouch.

I was looking into a new sterilisation technique for women yesterday called Essure, which does not require any cutting into the body. Instead, a gynaecologist inserts soft, flexible micro-inserts through the body’s natural pathways (vagina, cervix, and uterus) and into your fallopian tubes.

  • No cutting, burning or scarring
  • No going under general anaesthesia
  • No hormones
  • No guessing – your doctor can confirm when you can rely on Essure for contraception
  • Freedom from the pain and recovery time of a tubal ligation
  • Short procedure time – Essure only takes about 10 minutes to perform
  • Whilst this all sounds fabulous, I am just not sure I am ready to take such a drastic step.  The question is am I being selfish?

    • I have 5, gorgeous healthy children
    • I am nearly *whispers* 38
    • I had Gestational Diabetes with my last two pregnancies that required insulin treatment
    • If we had another, could we afford it?

    The thought of not being able to make that choice makes me well up.  I always wanted 6 children (I have no idea why) and I think that still languishes at the back of my mind.

    Hubby is adamant he doesn’t want any more, my parents think we have too many already and I think my oldest would disown me (albeit briefly).

    So, do I leave it for a couple of years and see how we feel, or just bite the bullet and make the decision now?

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