You know you are turning into your Mother when……..

You ask you’re child of they were born in a barn when they neglect to shut the door (clearly not as I’m pretty sure I was there)

You go through the names of all your children before you get to the right one

Your children know they’re really in trouble if the middle names come out

You tell off other peoples children if their parents are nowhere to be seen

You use the phrase “you treat this house like a hotel”

You ask the children to “Turn that infernal racket down”

Music was so much better when you were growing up (erm Bros, Mel & Kim, 2 Unlimited – maybe not)

You want to watch the News but the kids have other ideas

You tell the kids you are not their own personal slave (clearly you are)

You refer to yourself as Mums Taxi

You moan that the kids have a better social life than you!

You spit on a tissue to remove a bit of grime from your child’s face

So come on, tell me – how do you know you’re turning into your mother??

2 thoughts on “You know you are turning into your Mother when……..”

  1. Ha, love it!
    I’m guilty of most of these – except telling off other people’s children, which I don’t like to do since I had a row with a mother who scolded my three-year-old and left him shaking in fear.
    I even call my husband by the kids’ names, my brain has turned to mush.
    And I’ve spat on a tissue – even though I used to hate that when my mum did it to me.


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