My Mothers Day Disappointment

I know Mother’s Day is just another day in the calendar, but I actually got upset yesterday.

My three youngest children (ably assisted by daddy) managed to buy me a beautiful Orchid, a “Best Mummy” Mug and a lovely (if a little cheeky) card.  Isaac even made me a lovely card with a picture of an orchid to match my new plant.

Why am I upset then?

My two oldest didn’t bother!

Well, I say didn’t bother…….I got a half hearted text from oldest child, but no card, no phone call, no nothing.  She works full time, granted but it is not like its a sudden addition to the calendar.  I shouldn’t be surprised though, as she did the same on my birthday and Christmas.

Oldest son – nothing at all.  Not even a facebook update to acknowledge that I even exist.

I waited until I blogged this, just in case a card was posted last minute, but nothing.

Despite this disappointment I had a lovely day yesterday visiting my dad and his wife followed by a lovely walk around the local Marina………


I am still upset!

7 thoughts on “My Mothers Day Disappointment”

  1. Awww honey. And so you should be. There’s enough fuss and hoopla made in the shops for EVERYONE to know what day it is.
    And it doesn’t take much to send a card with a few heartfelt words.
    I’m assuming your eldest are selfish teenagers? And I normally forgive teenagers a lot (it’s not their fault, they’re not fully-formed human beings!)
    But I think if I was their Mum, I’d be upset.
    They owe you an apology – and a bloody big hug xxx

  2. I totally understand where you are coming from. Whilst part of me says it’s a totally made up day by the card companies to exploit our kids to part with their money even more it really doesn’t take much to send a card, e-card, text etc in this day and age that is affordable yet still have the effect of sending the same message as if your kids were standing there. Try forgetting their birthday and see if they like it it instead x

  3. I had the same from two of my older boys, text messages just aren’t the same ! I would never send my mum a text to wish her happy mothers day. It seems you are not alone x x

    • It’s hard as I haven’t raised them that way. The Christmas thing really got to me as I went shopping with my daughter and fell in love with some gloves that were lovely and thick which would have been great for pushing the pram in the cold weather.
      I didn’t buy them as she said she would get them for me but she didn’t. It took her until Feb to admit she hadn’t bought them.

  4. Just thought I’d mention your card was in the back of my car but oil all over it! So could hardly give it to you! Why slag us off on twitter? Way to make your children feel great, thanks mum!


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