Are Theme Parks too Pricey?

I read my twitter timeline with envy a couple of weekends ago, where we saw a variety of celebrities and bloggers all enjoying a stay at the new Legoland Hotel. It had the desired affect on me and I went off to check prices and availability.

I was a little horrified to discover that it would cost me £584 for one night and two days park entry, for my son’s birthday at the end of April.  That is a huge amount of money, especially in these tough times, so sadly we will have to rethink our plans.

It made me wonder what other theme parks were charging, so here is my research.

In terms of fairness I have chosen the weekend of 21st-22nd April 2012 and am looking for a room for 2 adults, 3 under 16’s and an under 2.

Alton Towers With hotel and one days park entry it is £382.50.  For park entry only it is £126.00 if booked online.

Thorpe Park:  Park entry only is £165.50.  They do not have an onsite hotel and all local ones are fully booked

Chessington World of Adventures:  Park entry only is £103.32 if booked online, again there is no availability in their hotel.

Drayton Manor:  Park entry £125 plus £201 to stay in Drayton Manor hotel = £326

Legoland:  Park entry only £170.10

This has been a real shock and it does make me wonder how the average family can afford these prices, seeing as you need to add travel, food, drink and spending money on top.

If you are determined to try a theme park this year, then I strongly advide you check out Raring2Go as they have some great half price offers at the moment.

I’m off for a lie down……………………………………………………………………

7 thoughts on “Are Theme Parks too Pricey?”

  1. Ouch! I love the idea of taking my boys to one of these parks. But the prices are better put towards a week’s holiday somewhere. I’m sure you can get five days at Centerparcs for the cost of the Legoland hotel and park entry.

  2. Ouch…it really annoys me when company’s ‘hold parents to ransom’ like holidays being 300 pound cheaper a week before school hols start…if one company lowered their prices during the hols I reckon they’d be chokka all season!

    maybe there’s a dragons den idea….

    good luck with finding something cheaper…


  3. Following on from our Twitter conversation. Such a big shame particulary when your children live Lego so much. £170 is just too much for a day out, sorry tickets for a day out!! Petrol, food (we always take a picnic out with us as food is far too expensive!!) once it’s all factored in I just don’t see how it would be viable for us as a family! I think, as a family we are comfortable, we own our own business, work hard?? But come on Lego Land!!!


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