I am a Mum and I am proud of all my children!

I was catching up on some blog ready reading the other evening and came across the wonderful post by @kateab entitled Why I will no longer apologise for being proud of my children.

The post really hit home with me, as I do tweet or facebook how proud I am of all my children, whether it be a new tooth, a good parents evening or passing a Driving Test.  Why shouldn’t I?

I use my own personal facebook to connect with genuine friends and family members.  I rarely use it if I am honest, but with family dotted around the country it is a good way to keep in touch.  Twitter is another matter – I love to tweet and have developed some really good online friendships and want to share the good news.  After all, we are all there for the bad stuff, so why not the good?

It’s not about oneupmanship, my children have all had their moments, and I am sure they’ll have plenty more.  They do thrive on praise though, whether it be to their face or a facebook update and that should be encouraged.  Think how you feel if you get a good review at work – you get a spring in your step, so why isn’t it any different for them?

That is why I am joining Kate and am proudly displaying her “Proud Parents Club” badge on my blog!

Go on, admit it………..you are a proud parent too!

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