Green Board Games Robotic Triceratops – A Review

When I was asked to review the Green Board Games Robotic Triceratops by @BrainBoxGames I was very excited, as my oldest two love to build and the youngest is Dinosaur mad!

Green Board Games Robotic Triceratops
We have built this kind of toy before and being a 6+ I thought it would be fairly easy.  Sadly this wasn’t the case.
Upon opening the box, both myself and my 11 year old took one look at it and decided that maybe 14 year old Callan would be best suited to build it as he is our resident genius.
Green Board Games Robotic Triceratops
Look mum, we have a head!

It took Callan almost two hours to build the dinosaur, ably annoyed assisted by his 3 year old brother.  Admittedly he really enjoyed building the dinosaur and found it challenging.  It did keep him away from technology for a good amount of time too.  (When you have teenagers this can only be a good thing!)

Green Board Games Robotic Triceratops
Almost Finished

The finished article is a big hit, especially with the little ones and once it is together it is surprisingly sturdy, despite not being glued together!

My concern with it is, in our case, we do not think it is suitable for 6 plus.  I do believe my 11 year old could have done it if he’d put his mind to it (and had help from anyone other than his mum). 

That said, if you have a little genius who loves to build and a patient older brother / dad / grandad then this would be an ideal challenge for them.  The dinosaur, now built, is certainly a hit in our house.

The Green Board Games Robotic Dinosaur is available to buy from Amazon:

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  1. I have bought this game for my kid several month ago. It took him about 3 hours to build the toy and he really liked it!


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