Mum – you’re a loser!

My 3 year old son has suddenly become obsessed with winning everything!  In fact at his swimming lessons the other day, he was racing his cousin of the same age and they were having an amusing bickering session along the lines of “Molly – you’re a loser, I’m a winner” and she’d reply “No, you’re a loser”

Much as this is funny, it is starting to get out of hand.  He insists on everything being a competition, be it getting in and out the bath, to who gets to the front door first.  Even if he isn’t first, he insists he is the winner and you are the loser.

I am pretty sure this has come from his older siblings who are uber competitive, especially his brothers over their xbox games.  Even my 18 year old daughter joined in this week, starting an argument within 5 minutes of being in the same room as her 14 year old brother.

Is it normal for siblings to be so competitive and argumentative? – it’s driving me nuts!

In the meantime, I am resigned to be a loser for the forseeable future………………………………….

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  1. I’m thinking it must be normal, as my three-year-old goes into a huge tantrum if his brother gets to the front door before him, after we’ve been out. They also race to the car, to the bath, to the dinner table, etc.
    Brodie, who is almost six, has never been like this before, but now his little brother has laid down the gauntlet, he’s competing.
    It’s bloody annoying and I’ve banned the term ‘winner’ in our house for the time being. And definitely don’t want to hear anyone called a loser.
    Sure it’s just a phase and will pass crosses fingers


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