Football Kit Dilemma

The new Chelsea home kit has been unveiled this week and much as I really like it, and the kids (and hubby) want it – we won’t be getting it!

I find it infuriating that clubs (not just Chelsea) have gone from releasing new home kits bi-annually to annually, increasing financial pressure on already cash strapped fans.  Not only that but I suspect there will also be both a new away kit and third kit this coming season too and at prices of £50 for an adult shirt and £40 for a child and £35 for a mini kit it is out of reach for most families.  You can also expect to add a further £12.95 for the name of your favourite player too!

It’s not just the kit either, the kids always want the new training tops and tracksuits too and as for attending a match, you’re looking at spending £75 each including travel, tickets, food and drink.  Even the cheaper FA Cup and Carling Cup games are no longer a cheaper option.  Football used to be a sport to be enjoyed by all, but now it’s becoming so expensive it’s pricing the real fans out which in my opinion really does impact the atmosphere at games.

As you can see my hubby has one or two when we were shit not as good as we are now.

Old Chelsea Kits
Just a few of hubby’s shirts

There is so much pressure out there to get the new kit, especially from kids, I wonder how many people get into financial hardship because of it.  I do however have one tip.  When the new shirt is released, leave it a couple of weeks an go and buy last seasons home kit for your little one – it’ll be half the price and they won’t know the difference!  As for older kids, well you will just have to get them working to save up for it.  At least you will know they will really really want it!

Chelsea FA Cup Celebrations
Who cares if they’re not in this season’s shirt?

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  1. Yeah todays kit is so expensive I wish I have tons of money to buy my family new kits every year plus the ticket to watch the game live. It’s hard to keep up arghh!!!


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