The joy of swimming

I love swimming, but I don’t not go nearly as often as I would like, however, if I think back, my earliest memories of swimming were not that great!

My infant school had its own swimming pool but it was not heated and was outside.  I remember trying to get out of the lessons (unsuccessfully) and then having to inch my way into the pool and wishing the lessons would hurry up and end as it was so cold!  It wasn’t until I moved schools and had lessons in a proper heated indoor pool that I started to enjoy it.

I remember wearing my hard earned badges with pride on my swimming costume and once I was considered a good swimmer, we had a weekly outing to Littlehampton Swimming Pool for their fun sessions.  This involved huge inflatables, music and lots of kids all having a raucous time!  We loved it so much that we even had swimming parties for our Birthdays.

When I reached secondary school, the lessons were much more constructive and contained life saving training too.  Who remembers swimming 25 lengths and then diving into a swimming pool in their pyjamas to retrieve a black brick to pass their swimming test?

Now I have a family of my own, I am disappointed that schools do not focus on swimming as part of the curriculum any more.  It is such an important skill to have and devoting one school year to learn doesn’t give a decent grounding – especially when there are 30-40 kids being taught at the same time.

Swimming with kids
Enjoying the facilities after a swim!

All my children have had or are having swimming lessons.  That in itself helps with family swimming as it not only builds their skill set but their confidence too and they are not so reliant on being pulled around by mum and dad.  Many pools have water slides now too and they can be great fun, so it is important that they at least know the basics!

Swimming with kids

We started swimming lessons with Isaac when he was 3 months old and it is the best money I have ever spent.  We choose our local swimming pool and had a wonderful teacher who made it fun, but also taught some very important water skills.  Isaac was quite happy to swim underwater from an early age and still does it now.  He is a proper little Guppy fish!!  It is also a great place to meet other mums and get a bit of exercise – have you ever tried sprinting up and down a baby pool dragging your baby along with you?

Swimming with kids

The best bit about swimming?

Well this is what it has achieved – just check out the giggles if you are in any doubt!

Whats more, you can now enjoy some swims for free, thanks to British Gas.  As part of their support for British Swimming they have committed to getting more people in the water. This summer they are offering everyone the chance to enjoy free swims and a range of other exciting activities. You can find out more and sign up here!

This is my entry for the Brit Mums Joy of Swimming Competition.  Why not join in too – you could win year long family pass to theme parks and zoos or £250 to spend on swim kit!


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  1. +gosh we are not allowed cameras or videos anywhere near our swimming pool, not even to get pics of your own kids

  2. Greet post! Both my eldest are very strong swimmers thanks to daddy teaching them, they go to the local swimming pool every Friday. I have been thinking about getting the baby lessons and after reading your post about little Isaac I think I’ll book him up this week. Swimming is really important and I too can not believe schools do not focus on it as much as they used to x


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