Tickety Toc – New to Nick Jr

Tickety Toc
On the wall of an old clock shop hangs a very special clock.  Every hour, on the hour, it chimes and out pop our little heroes.  But what happens when they go back inside?
Tickety Toc is the gateway into a rapid paced, dramatic and colourful CGI world full of eccentric characters and slapstick surprises.  It’s a fantastical and funny place inhabited by puppy dog trains, hare-brained rabbits, cooking cows and weather obsessed chickens.
In the eye of this chaotic comedy storm are our two heroes – twins: Tommy and Tallulah.  Each action packed adventure challenges Tommy and Tallulah to save the day, return life to normal and keep the clock ticking.
Tickety Toc
So, what did we think.  Both little ones aged almost 4 and 14 months sat through it transfixed.  Eliza immediately started dancing to the theme music (a good sign).  The first episode was about getting exercise which I though was a good message.  We meet the puppy dog train first which I admit I found a little odd, but Isaac liked it.  He was particularly fond of the cow too!
Each episode last 11 minutes, so perfect for little ones and each episode focuses on familiar aspects of everyday life, allowing children to explore the concept of time in a fun engaging way.
Tickety Toc launches Monday 23rd April at 8.15am on Nick Jr 
Sky – 615
Virgin – 715
TalkTalk – 318 

Tickety Toc – Promo from Patrick Kydd on Vimeo.

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