Moon Dough – A Review

I had never heard of Moon Dough until I saw a couple of other bloggers mention it, so when they were looking for reviewers I volunteered as I was Isaac was eager to test it out.  I had no idea what to expect.

Moon Dough
My first impressions were good.  It was well packaged, brightly coloured and clearly showed what was in the box.  Isaac, his friend Alfie and Alfie’s mum were eager to try out the contents so we unpacked all the goodies.
There was a blue plastic strip with shapes cut into it, that looked a bit like an ice cube tray, plus a sheep, a dog, an apple and what looks like a pizza cutter (15 all together).  There were also tools to cut, flatten and shape the moon dough, of which three colours were supplied – yellow, red and blue.
If I am honest, I was expecting the moon dough to be a lot like playdoh, but it is completely different.  It feels like foam it to moulds well, which I wasn’t expecting.  Whats more – it never dries out, it’s wheat free and hypoallergenic!
Moon Dough
Alfie turning out his shape
We all got stuck in, trying it out.  It is surprisingly easy, even for the little ones and we had great fun making trains, pizza’s and animal shapes.
Moon Dough
Isaac impressed with his shape
Moon Dough
Look what I’ve made
Alfie’s mum and I decided to leave the boys to their modelling and disappeared for a cup of tea and the Moon dough kept them occupied for a good 40 minutes (a record if you know these boys).  They very proudly showed off their achievements and even came up with a story.
Clearing up was a breeze too.  Because the moon dough is dry, it picks up with no trouble at all.  We rescued as much as we could from the table and floor, but any remaining bits were swept up with no problem.  Even the bit that baby Eliza smuggled unknowingly to the fabric sofa came off with no trouble at all.
Best of all, it all packs away nicely back into the cute travel case.
Moon Dough

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