Glossy Box – I am Disappointed!

I did it!

I ordered a GlossyBox.  After reading some many good reviews (and one bad one), I decided to see what all the fuss was about.

I had previously signed up to their newsletter and subsequently received an email from them inviting me to try the GlossyBox AND receive one of their last Harrods Boxes for free.  Seemed like a good deal!

I am so disappointed!!

I have given myself the weekend to reflect and to ensure I give a reasoned argument as to why I am, lets face it, upset.

Firstly – there is NO sign of the Harrods GlossyBox.  I expected it to turn up at the same time as the new one, but nothing! ***

Secondly – I sent an email to GlossyBox to see where the Harrods box was and despite promising a reply within 48 working hours, we are now 96 hours with no communication!

As for the box itself – it was smaller than I thought, but beautifully packaged.  I was going to take a photo but my son wasn’t well and lets just say I got distracted.  I stupidly read a couple of blog posts from others who had received their box, so I was excited to see what was in mine.

I had completely different products!

I had been looking forward to receiving some Burts Bee’s Nourishing Milk and Honey Body Lotion as I have read that it is good for psoriasis suffers like me, but there was none in my box.

What I did receive was:

Inika Organic Lip Liner in Safari – I don’t wear lip liner or lipstick which I stated when I signed up for the box.
Ayuuri Natural Body Wash in Rose – not to my taste as I associate the Rose fragrance with my grandma, but it is full size and will get used
Figs & Rouge Lip face and Body Balm Rambling Rose (again Rose)
Yes Nurse Hand Formula – perfect handbag size hand cream
Caudalie S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum – I have only tried this today so will wait and see

My question to you Glossyboxers – is it worth persevering.  Have you had a bad box?

*** after publishing this post, my postman was hammering on my door with – guess what – my Harrods Glossy Box.  I still feel that GlossyBox failed in their communication and I can only mark this down to poor customer service!

5 thoughts on “Glossy Box – I am Disappointed!”

  1. I loved my first box but not too thrilled with this one. The Caudalie serum is nice, as is the lip balm. I also got some body lotion which I haven’t tried yet but looks nice. I got some hair serum too…really doubt it’ll be any good on my hair though. Though the thing I’m really disappointed about is the Inika eyeliner I got because it’s blue! I hear of others getting black, grey and brown ones but no, I get bright blue! I tried it and it’s nice to apply but shame about the colour.

    • I have to admit the Harrods box is better, but I am hearing favourable reports of the Jolie Box now too! I have sensitive skin so am concerned about trying too much on it, but then they might inrouduce me to something perfect

  2. To be honest I just don’t see the point in paying £10 a month for some random products I might or might not use. Over a year that equates to £120 and whilst I think it’s nice to treat myself I would rather spend £120 on a couple of new outfits or a spa day. That’s just me though – but like you have heard mixed reports about the boxes contents.


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