Mummy’s Maid – Help when you need it most!

When I spotted a tweet from @MummysMaid looking for someone to review their cleaning service locally, I jumped at the chance.
As a busy parent, I have always lusted after having another pair of hands to help with the household chores as sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day!
Mummy’s Maid was founded by Kez Luckett, a mother of two. Her vision for the business initially started after she gave birth to her daughter and found that she was unable to keep up with the day to day running of the home due to complications during labour. During her second pregnancy she suffered with Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction which made any physical exertion almost impossible. With this in mind her aim became to provide all mother’s with short and long term household help and support in a non-intrusive way.
Meet Lisa – my “Mummy’s Maid” for two hours:
Lisa came armed with her own gloves (and a toothbrush) ready for two hours cleaning fun.  I couldn’t decide which task to give her at first, am I mean and give her the teens bedroom and the risk of finding mouldy food and stinky socks, or the lounge which involves moving lots of toys, toy boxes and furniture around?  I settle on the bathroom, as it is probably the job I hate the most (sorry Lisa).
Now, most of my readers will have never seen my bathroom.  Beautiful as it is (it sold the house to us) – it is an utter pain to clean.  The entire four walls are covered floor to ceiling in burgundy gloss tiles which show every mark and smear.  I wasn’t expecting Lisa to clean all the tiles – just the ones in the shower, but she cleaned them all and buffed them until they gleamed.  She also cleaned all the wrought iron work which supports the sink and bath!
So would I recommend this service?……….Yes, in an instant.  It really was service with a smile.  Lisa was well presented, polite, friendly and keen to get on with the task at hand.  She even refused a cup of tea, despite Eliza stealing her water bottle.  What’s more, all Mummy Maids’s have had reference checks, enhanced CRB checks and have all been interviewed face to face too.
Inspection passed, Eliza insisted her toys were back where they belonged
What is even better is that their packages are really flexible, so there is no tying yourself down.  You could have a One off service if you were expecting visitors, planning a party or because you just don’t have the time.
Mummy’s Maid offer a number of  other different services including New Baby, childcare and homeade frozen food and they even do Gift Vouchers.  What a great and thoughtful present for a mum-to-be / new mum or just a frazzled one like me!
You can find Mummy’s Maid help all over the country and can make bookings online or by telephone on 0845 463 0075.  You can also find them on facebook and twitter for more news, offers and more.
Thank you Lisa and Kez, Mummy’s Maid is now saved on my favourites bar and I will be in contact very soon!

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  1. What a treat! When we moved we hired cleaners, three man hours a week but they come in twos or threes. It’s making a huge difference to my schedule and my sanity. As a self employed mother working from home I think it’s also going to mean I have the chance to recover the money I pay them pretty quickly and I also get more time for T.


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