Sudocrem Sunscreen Mousse – A Review

I am always on the look out for a good sunscreen for the children and I as I only have to be in the sunshine for 5 minutes and I burn!

Sudocrem have just launched a new kids sun protection mousse to the market which not only has a four-star UVA protection and is Factor 50, but is also Very Water Resistant, Hypoallergenic and is free from perfumes, colours, parabens and other preservatives!.

We were sent the Sunscreen Mousse to review, but sadly I cannot test its sunscreen capabilities at the moment thanks to the great British weather that we are currently experiencing!
What I can tell you is that a little goes a long way and it is easy to apply.  I squirted a golf ball size ball of the mousse onto the back of my hand and it easy covered both of Eliza’s legs and her arms too.
Sudocrem Mousse

The mousse was fairly thick and gave a good covering.  It stayed white for a few seconds so you could tell where you had applied it, but it rubbed in well.  There is also no sticky residue so you can be assured that the sand won’t stick to it if you are on the beach!

The mousse truly is fragrance free too, there is no tell tale scent lingering around after application and it was kind to Eliza’s sensitive skin!

I cannot wait to try it in the sunshine (if it ever arrives) and will report back on its performance then.

For more information about the Sunscreen Mousse you can look here.  It is available to buy now from Boots.  Hurry – it is on offer at £10 as there is currently an offer of save 1/3 on children’s sun care!

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