Tiny Tigs – Our review

I am a fan of craft boxes, having reviewed Cubby Kit back in February.  I have noticed a few others come to the market in the last few weeks and when I was invited to review Tiny Tigs I was eager to try it out.

Tiny Tigs was created by Catherine, a mother of two girls aged 2 and 7 who loves crafting.  She wanted to make crafting more accessible to everyone by creating a kit for children aged 3+.  They provide all the equipment to make the project, with the exception of glue.  They recommend you purchase a glue stick or PVA glue, which you can pick up in a supermarket.

So, what did we think?

The box arrived the very next day and was addressed to Isaac – a lovely touch!
Isaac loves crafting, and his first project was making me a bunch of flowers using tissue paper, sparkly wires and card.

Tiny Tigs
First we cut out and coloured the vase

We were given sheets of paper with clear, colourful instructions which were set out clearly with pictures.

Tiny Tigs
He takes his work very seriously

Tiny Tigs
Making Flowers
Tiny Tigs
Big Sister steps in to help

Tiny Tigs
The craft kits are designed to be supervised by an adult and Abbey was keen to help her little brother.  They both had great fun making the flowers and it was a real bonding experience for them both.  What do you think of their efforts?

Tiny Tigs
Proudly displayed on the wall

 The second project was also a hit – a card crown and tiara.  The crown was easily popped out of the card holder it was in and Isaac quickly got to work decorating it. (he did go a bit crazy with the glue and glitter!

Tiny Tigs
Looking regal!

Tiny Tigs
Adding his jewels

The third and final project if I am honest was a bit too old for him (Isaac turned 4 at the end of April) and involved making Union Jack bunting.
Abbey had to cut out each flag individually, which I think would be a challenge for someone even twice his age.  Isaac then had to put glue down one side of the flag and stick down a plastic straw and roll some card around it (my job).
Tiny Tigs
Good gluing!
Whilst we waited for the flags to dry, Abbey had to cut another straw up into equal sections and then we threaded some ribbon through all the straws so we could hang it up.  Again this was too hard for Isaac although he was very proud of the finished article!
Tiny Tigs
All in all, this kit was very good, although I wasn’t prepared initially for the lack of glue or colouring pens.  Luckily I had both!
What impresses me most is the price – £11 per month or £39 for 6 months (if you sign up before 15th June), which is half the price of other kits I have seen.  There is also a free PVC painting coat with the first 100 subscribers.  What’s more – you are not tied in and can unsubscribe at any time.
For more information, news and offers you can follow Tiny Tigs on twitter and like them on facebook.

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