Getting Fit with Thinking Slimmer

Back in January I made a New Years Resolution to lose some weight and bought myself a slimpod by Thinking Slimmer.  It worked to some extent – I lost a few pounds but by my own admission I wasn’t really committed to it so the weight has slowly crept back on.

In the run up to Cybher, the lovely Sandra announced that she was looking for some testers for the Slimpod and the new Fitpod, so I applied.  I am desperate to be able to take the kids swimming without hiding behind a towel before getting in the pool.  I was so excited when I was told I have been selected!!

I got to meet Sandra at Cybher and she was so encouraging.  I discovered that the reason I didn’t do so well before was the fact I was listening to the slimpod on the school run and I was often interrupted by the children or other mums stopping me for a chat.  I am going to follow her advice and put this on when I go to bed.  Hopefully it will have a good effect on hubby too!!

What is a slimpod?

Slimpods are a series of unique voice recordings which help people to achieve effective weight loss, whether you want to lose 5lbs or 5 stones. Unlike other methods of losing weight, there are no diets, no calorie counting and no willpower required. Slimpods have been developed by Harley Street experts and use modern approaches to the science of unconscious persuasion to gently retune the mind and adjust the way slimmers think about the world, especially in relation to food, health and fitness. Because it’s like having your own personal mind coach, weight loss becomes simple and effortless.

I have chosen the beach body slimpod and the fit pod to get me in shape.  I am hoping to drop a dress size from a 14 to a 12.  The have also supplied me with some gorgeous XPG Sportswear by Jenni Falconer from Debenhams.  I was impressed by the quality and it is so lightweight!!  I feel cool even in this heat. (There is 20% off at the moment too)

I can’t afford to go to the gym but I do walk a lot as I don’t have a car.  I have also cleaned my bike that has been languishing in the shed for nearly two years and fully intend to take Eliza for a cycle when I am not working and Isaac is at school.

I also have my Wii Fit if the weather isn’t good, although that is always a challenge with little people in the house!!
Also on this challenge are @themummyblogger and @businessmum so we will be encouraging and motivating each other!
So, my journey begins now.  Here are my measurements so you can track my progress with me!
Bust – 34″
Waist – 35″
Tummy – 39″ (my problem area)
Hips – 40″

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