Making it fun under the Sun

With the final appearance of the sunshine this week we finally got to test out our gorgeous UV tops from The Beach Factory.

In my opinion, UV tops should be a staple part of every child’s wardrobe and are especially important for days out down the beach or the park where you very often don’t realise how strong the sun is.

The Beach Factory specialises in sun protection swimwear and sun hats for kids and adults.  Their extensive range includes sun suits for toddlers through to rash shirts for older children and adults so that everyone can have fun in the sun with greater safety.

They are even trendy enough for my teenagers!!

Sun protection swimwear simply blocks the sun’s harmful UV and so protects the skin from sun burn and damage all day. It doesn’t wash off and, because it continues to provide total sun protection when wet, it’s great when swimming outdoors, for snorkeling, sailing, fishing and many other water based activities.

The Beach Factory has a lot more for holidays too – from hats to UV Tents, Suncream to luggage.

I adore these towelling beach robes:

Mitty James Turquoise Floral  Applique Long Towelling Top - Click for more information and to buyMitty James Multi Stripe Long Hooded Towelling Top - Click for more information and to buy
and I am going to invest in this hat:
San Diego Hat Company Turq and White Ribbon Braid Hat - Click for more information and to buy

So, if you are lucky enough to be jetting off somewhere hot and sunny, or just staying in Blighty I wholly recommend checking out the new #SBS winners  They are also on twitter here – @beachfacts and you can also find them on facebook for more information and offers!

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