Why I love twitter!

I didn’t got to Britmums Live, even though I really really wanted to, but I followed events on twitter and instagram.

One thing that really caught my eye was a post that was delivered by @dorkymum in the keynotes speech called Twitter is Like.  It completely sums up Twitter for me, and I love the analogy that it is like an “Extra room in your house”

It has made me want to write about why I love twitter.

Twitter Logo

I joined Twitter on 9th February 2009 and have been tweeting 3 years, 4 months, 1 week, 3 days, 7 hours, 53 seconds at the time of writing this post.

I am the first to admit I didn’t “get it” at first.  I initially followed celebrities, but they don’t interact and chat.  Although I did get excited when I got mentions from Stephen Fry and Jason Manford!

By 2010 I finally understood twitter and was falling in love with it, but I mainly followed football and Chelsea related things, so it was all about the banter!  I quickly became one of #Brightysbabes – a group of women whom all entered @Mark__Bright football related competitions and started to make some friends whom I chatted with on an almost daily basis.

In January 2011, Eliza came along.  I had a twitter birth, but hadn’t yet discovered the Mummy Blogger thing – that came about thanks to the #3amfc.  I couldn’t sit and feed Eliza without my phone nearby so I got chat to fellow mums in the same boat and was introduced to such a wonderful world of support, advice and chat!

The thing about twitter, is it is instant.  If you are having a bad day there is always someone there to offer a kind word of support or sympathise.  If you have something to celebrate, people celebrate with you.  Parenting can be a challenge and even if you are surrounded by people you can still feel alone, but with twitter there is always some out there who just understands how you are feeling.

I have made real life friends on twitter too – one whom lives just a few yards from me (yes really) and some whom live miles away yet have been so helpful and kind.

What’s more is that some amazing opportunities have come my way through twitter.  Thanks to @EnglishMum my son was a Player Escort at Wembley – one of my proudest moments as a parent ever!

Manchester City Player Escorts Charity Shield 2011
On the pitch at Wembley (Kian is with Yaya Toure)

I have been lucky enough to win some other great competitions and have been introduced to some fab new products which I would never have found any other way!

And then there is the introduction to blogging………but that is one for an entirely new post!

So, thank you twitter. Thank you for the football banter, the support, the chat and most of all for finding friendships that would otherwise not exist!

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