Wedding Days

So 7 years ago today was our wedding day.

I was up bright and early due to a mix of excitement and nerves, plus an early visit to the hairdressers!!

I got an early phone call from the local radio station to say I had won bride of the week, and was I going to be at home in the next hour. I wasn’t, so they arranged to meet me at the hairdressers.

As we pulled up, there was the 2CR black thunder waiting for me and an eager lady thrusting a microphone under my nose. The DJ congratulated me and asked me a few questions including whether my hair would be up or down!! Innocent me replied that “he likes it up” – cue much innuendo which thanks to my nerves went straight over my head at the time!! I was presented with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and left to get on with the day. Said DJ kindly sent out conversation on disc which gets played to embarrass me from time to time!!

The hair and make up of my bridesmaids and I took a good couple of hours, but we all had a good giggle and a glass or two of bubbly.

We had a midday wedding, partly because there was a big Greek wedding after ours and partly because we wanted a full day to celebrate. I was under strict instructions from the vicar not to be late, so we set off in plenty of time.

When we got to the church, I noticed a lot of dashing about. I was told I wasn’t allowed to get out. We sat waiting for about 5 minutes when we saw one of our ushers dashing into the church. Future hubby had forgotten the order of service – the ONE job I gave him!!

Panic over, we got out the car, posed for a few more pictures and off I set in my dads arm down the aisle!

The ceremony went smoothly until we had to kneel for the prayers. Cue stifled snigger’s from the congregation! I thought our best man may have written on Andrew’s shoes (he has form), but no – he’d left the price label on them!!

The rest of the ceremony went smoothly, no major incidents (apart from Andrew’s uncle saying he had forgotten to put a disc in the video camera!) and my realisation that Andrew had the wrong tie on. 

We had some fun doing the wedding pictures in the beautiful grounds.

After the photo’s were done, Andrew and I set off in our vintage car and stopped at a local beauty spot for more pictures, before setting off for our reception venue.  We were greeted by what felt like bucketfuls of confetti!!
If you are getting married soon, then my only advice is to make sure you stop every now and again and take in everything that is going on.  The day goes so fast!!

Happy Anniversary Andrew x x x

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