A Heart Stopping moment

Today we had one of those heart stopping parenting moments – you know the ones which remind you just how quickly things can happen.

We made the decision to go to Weymouth Sealife Centre as it was supposed to be a nice day.

If you have never been to Weymouth Sealife Centre before, let me describe it for you. It is mostly an outdoor park with small individual buildings dotted around housing various sea creatures. There is also a water play area for the kids with jets and sprays as well as a large paddling pool.

We got there soon after it opened and is was lovely and quiet. With this in mind we let Eliza out of the buggy to roam free without reins.

She loves being independent and was happy staying close by us pointing and waving at the various fish.

We started the trail and went from building to building with no problems. We were busy in the shark building having a general look around when Eliza decided she had had enough. She made a break for the exit with me close behind with the buggy whilst Daddy and the boys finished looking at the sharks.

What I didn’t realise was the paddling pool was not cordoned off and was just a few feet from the exit of the enclosure.

Eliza didn’t register it was there, I shouted stop but she couldn’t and in she went.

It wasn’t that deep, but I jumped straight in to scoop her out and with my slightly wedged shoes it was halfway up my shins and it was bloody freezing.

Bless her, she was completely dunked and really shaken and I can only be grateful I was right behind her and that I had bought changed of clothes and towels (for the kids at least).

A change of clothes and lots of cuddles and kisses later she was fine but even when the boys went to play in the water jets later in the day she refused to join in!

I was left walking around the park with wet trousers and squelching shoes but at least she was ok.

The question is, should there have been better signage that the pool was there, so close to the exit.

Lesson learned – sorry Eliza but you are on reins from now on!!

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  1. II hate those moments. I feel it should have much better signage! I wouldnt have seen it as I am partially sighted. Good save mama x


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