Breakfast on the Go!

How many times have you been so focused on getting the kids ready for school, making lunchboxes, sorting out battles etc that you get to mid-morning and realise that your tummy is rumbling.  It then dawns on you that you haven’t eaten??

Well Belvita have come with a solution – the breakfast biscuit.

They are carefully made and gently baked so that part of a balanced breakfast, the carbohydrates are regularly released over 4 hours to keep you going all morning.  They are designed to be eaten with a cup of tea or coffee, a portion of fruit and a low fat yoghurt which equals approximately 20% of your guidance daily energy intake.

I was sent some packs to review of the Yoghurt Crunch, Forest Fruits biscuits and Museli biscuits.


The Yoghurt crunch were definitely my favourite – a bit like a giant custard cream, although had more of a honey taste.  I quite liked the Forest Fruits too, which tasted like fruit shortcake biscuits. I am not a fan of the muesli, but then I don’t eat Muesli in real life either.

The biscuits were thinner than expected, but you get four in a cellophane pack, which are designed for your breakfast and do work really well with a cup of tea.


As these are designed for breakfast on the go, I was surprised that you are expected to combine them with fruit, a drink and yogurt – to me that defeats the object of something fast, but they encourage Belvita to be eaten as part of a balanced breakfast, which can be as simple as grabbing an apple and latte on the go. As each portion is wrapped, they are easy to pop in your bag and eat with a take away coffee though, so I would recommend for those who have a commute to work.

Personally, I probably wouldn’t buy these unless I knew I had to get up early and wouldn’t have time for breakfast, e.g. if I had to get an early train, as I do prefer a bowl of cereal or some toast.  However, they are good to keep in the cupboard for an emergency.

My teenagers quite like them too, and often do their best to skip breakfast as they are often running late, so the Belvita Breakfast biscuits are a good way of making sure they have at least eaten something before school!!

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