Win a trio of Bird Cups by Anywayup Cup

When I started searching for a beaker for Eliza a few months back, I was really disappointed to discover that I couldn’t find an anywayup cup.  I have always used them with my older children and love them.

I saw they were back on twitter and looking for reviewers, so of course I volunteered.

We got two cups in the post and I wasn’t disappointed, and neither were Isaac and Eliza.

Eliza’s cup is a classic design and finally she can have a drink of water with her meal and not empty the contents of the cup everywhere.  She doesn’t appear to have to work hard to get to her drink either, which used to take some practice if I remember rightly.

Anywayup Cup

Now Isaac’s cup is genius.  It looks like a grown up cup so he doesn’t feel like a baby, but is sealed to prevent leaks.  You just suck gently at the side and out comes your drink.

Anywayup Cup

Isaac can drink out of a normal cup with no problem, but tends to leave them within reach of his sister who sees them as a homing beacon and then proceeds to empty the contents over herself and the floor.  This is the perfect alternative, and is also great for bedtime drinks and travelling too.

I will admit, there was a slight leakage from Isaac’s cup, but only when dropped from the table and it was only a drop or two!

The new Anywayup website relaunches on 1st August and to celebrate this I have a trio of Bird Cups to give away.

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55 thoughts on “Win a trio of Bird Cups by Anywayup Cup”

  1. My tea mug, so I would be able to grab it and gulp whilst rolling around on the floor, playing whatever mad new game Lara has thought up!

  2. Actually juice cups, no lies, I am going to have to replace our living room carpet when we move due to juice cups, ugh x

  3. oooh, this is ace, wondered what had happened to the nayway-up cups, there’s 7 years between my two boys, and my fisrt born had loads. Been looking ofr these for ages ;0

  4. My can of diet coke, I always balance it on my lap and it nearly always falls. You would think I would learn from this ha ha xx

  5. the toast when i am buttering it and it slips onto the floor, butter side up. the dog is pleased though, she loves buttered toast.


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