Lego Batman DC Super Heroes on DS – Review

If you read my twitter feed, see my pictures on Instagram or know me, then you will know that I have a son obsessed with all things Batman.

He started out loving the old 60’s series that was being shown on ITV3 and he then moved onto the 1st Lego Batman game on the XBox 360.

Isaac was lucky enough to get a (second hand) DS for his birthday, but has been borrowing his brothers games, so when I was offered the chance to review Lego Batman 2 – DC Super Heroes, on the DS, I couldn’t say no!

Lego Batman, DC Superheroes

This game is definitely a hit with ALL the boys, husband included.  It is the first Lego game that features dialogue, which really brings the story to life. You can switch this off if you need to though.
Isaac loves it because it features all his favourite Superheroes, not just Batman.  I am forever getting a DS thrust under my nose with him shouting “Look Mummy, it’s Superman / Green Lantern / Wonderwoman etc”.  It also features the Superheroes arch enemies like Lex Luthor as well as the ones you expect such as The Penguin, Joker, Harley Quinn and The Riddler.
The game is simple enough for Isaac to play at 4, although occasionally he needs assistance from his big brothers if he gets stuck, but that is what brothers are for, isn’t it?

Even poor Eliza has been brainwashed and creeps up to watch what he is doing, excitedly shouting “Batman” when she sees the caped crusader!

Kian on the other hand is well on his way to completing the game and this is what he thinks:

“I enjoyed the first Batman game that we had on the Xbox 360, but when Daddy told me Lego Batman 2 was coming out, i really wanted it on the DS as I have a 3DS.  I like that the game tells a story of Lex Luthor breaking into Arkham Asylum to free the other villains.  Batman has to gather allies to defeat Luthor, his robots and the Joker.

The game is a little more tricky than the Xbox 360 version, which I have played at a friends house, and they have added different characters to different parts of the game, so that it isn’t the same.  The game flows really nicely and I am transported to the Lego world of Batman in Gotham City.

What is really cool is that Batman also goes to Metropolis to help Superman defeat his arch nemesis Lex Luthor. The controls are easy to master and you can also collect coins to buy other heroes and villains.  The only thing I cannot do, but would like to be able to do is to download characters, so I give this game 8/10″

I love this game as I get peace and quiet for an hour or so whilst they play it – I would definitely recommend it!!

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