Holiday Homework

Has your child got holiday homework?

My 4 year old has, but his is enjoyable to him. He has to master how to write his name and we are almost there!

My 11 year old is gloating he has none and my 15 year old tried to deny it.

It went from “No, I didn’t get any” to “It is on my laptop, but I can’t open it!”

It took me two days to get him to bring his laptop to me to check. Apparently has laptop doesn’t have the office package so he was actually telling the truth about not being able to open it, but I wasn’t going to let him get out of it as it’s important he does it as he is going into year 11.

I fired up our ancient slow computer and asked for his email password. “I don’t know” was the reply.

Right – reset password.

His reset link was to another email account. Again, I asked him for this password. “Don’t know, never use this account” in his best teenage grunt.

Right – reset password for this account. This one is linked to his old email account he has on our computer and I guess the password in two!

BOOM – all three email accounts passwords reset AND I can get to his homework. I try not to leap around the lounge rejoicing!

I download his homework and it’s 33 pages long – no wonder he didn’t want to do it. (most of it is pages to write on though)

Actually it’s not so bad – its an English mock exam paper and this is the subject he really struggles with. I am dreading asking him to do it though.

If you have read my Lazy Teen post, you’ll understand my struggles, but in the last week I have managed to achieve half an hour of revision per day PLUS he is reading a chapter of The Hunger Games everyday! From a teen that would do nothing and runs away from even reading his baby sister a story, this is a very good start.

So this is Day 1 and hopefully he will complete Question 1 – if you see me rocking in a corner on twitter later, please come and give me a hug and some reassurance!

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