Teething Jewellery

Yes, you read the title correctly, they really do make teething jewellery.

I have been a supporter of Gumigem since their launch in early 2011 and boast a collection of four of their necklaces.  They are stylish for mum and great for your teething monster as they are made to be chomped on.  In fact they are great when you are breastfeeding too as I found that Eliza loved to play with it whilst feeding.

When I saw Louise from Rock and Roll Baby World was looking for reviewers for teething necklaces, I offered my services and was introduced to Smart Mum UK and Teething Bling.  I had heard of them before, but had never really investigated their range as I was happy with my Gumigem.

Teething Bling is made with non-toxic phthalate, BPA, PVC, Latex and Gumigem with non-toxic silicone.  The Teething Bling necklaces look like stone, whereas the Gumigem look like Murano glass and / or stone.

So, here they are:

Teething Bling and Gumigem

Both are nicely packaged and come with a breakaway clasp.  The main difference is the style which is all down to personal taste.

I would happily wear both, but feel that I must let Eliza road test them.

Eliza performs the bite test on a Gumigem
Teething Bling
Eliza performs the bite test on a Teething Bling

Both seemed to be acceptable and were roughly the same size and this shape is perfect for babies cutting their front teeth.

Teething Bling and Gumigem
Eliza can’t decide which is her favourite either!

If I am honest, I prefer the range of Gumigems – they have a lightening shape to help teething babies when cutting their back teeth, and have just launched a new range of funky necklaces and bangles.  That said, Teething Bling has also launched a new shape and carry bangles too – it really is down to your personal taste.

If you have a teething monster, then check them both out – a fabulous way of looking glam and being practical with babies around!  They make a great gift for a new mum too!

Gumigem retail from:  £10 (depending which design you choose).  The Gumigem featured is £12.50

Teething Bling Retail from:  £12.95

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