Thinking Slimmer Update

I have really struggled with Thinking Slimmer since the holidays have started.

Firstly, I have no free time to try and listen to my slimpod and fit pod as I am working a minimum of 9 hours a day 6 days a week, and sometimes up to 12 hours a day (that doesn’t include my paperwork).

Secondly, I had the return of my monthly friend after an 18 month absence and I put on 7lb.  I think it was mostly water retention, but I am really disheartened.

I want to put Trevor on the iPod dock when I go to bed, but hubby refuses so I am stuck!

The only thing I am getting right is exercise, but it is only walking and despite pushing a double buggy round most of the time it isn’t doing a thing.

I have started using MyFitnessPal again to check my calorie intake, made sure we only have wine at the weekend so hopefully I will have better news next month!

1 thought on “Thinking Slimmer Update”

  1. I’m trying out the slimpod too, and its going ok so far- although I just ate a big roast dinner lol! I have to listen to it on my laptop with my headphones last thing at night, as no chance to listen any other time of the day! Good luck with it!


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