Schwartz Bag’n Season – A Review

When I was sent some Belvita Breakfast Bars to review, they also include some Schwartz Bag’N Season in the package.

I have seen this advertised on television and was always intrigued as to what it would taste like but never got round to buying any as I tend to cook from fresh.

They are really easy to prepare – simply add the ingredients listed on the packet and the seasoning to the bag, give it a shake and then bake in the oven.  The below photograph is the Mixed Herb Chicken and I have prepared with butternut squash and red onion.

Schwartz Bag'n Season

There was very little preparation time and the instructions are clear and simple.  Perfect if you need to prepare dinner in a hurry!

The bag seals in the juices and the flavours, keeping the meat moist and everything was cooked perfectly.  The kids even greeted me with an “Mmmmm what’s for dinner – it smells lovely”

Schwartz Bag'n Season

The only issue I had was trying to get into the bag without steaming my fingers, as it was piping hot.

Sadly, I didn’t get a picture of the dinner all nicely set out on the plates, as they were whisked from under my nose by 4 ravenous children and devoured.  Must be tasty then!

Our favourite flavour so far is Mediterranean Chicken, but I did enjoy the Paprika chicken too.

If you are in a hurry and what something fresh and tasty, then these are for you!

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