Hairdressing Hell

I dread taking Isaac to the hairdresser!

My normally cute, (mostly) angelic child turns into a hissing, spitting, snarling monster and I’ve no idea why!

His first haircut was a breeze, we found a hairdresser that had DVD players and showed their favourite film to keep them distracted! Despite going back there in numerous occasions since, he hates it.

The hairdresser has suggested he has a sensitive head, which is apparently common in little boys and that he will grow out of it.

I’ve tried letting it grow long, cutting it myself whilst he is asleep – he has a sixth sense and is awake within 3 snips! We even shaved it ourselves whilst hubby distracted him with the XBox which sort of worked.

However, as he is going to “big school”, I decided today that he had to be seen by a professional!

As soon as we walked in, he started grumbling. I chose Scooby Doo for him to watch, but he wouldn’t sit in the chair.

I sat him on my lap and waited for the fireworks. They came quickly – he wriggled, he cried, he fought with all his might to get down and I did feel incredibly cruel holding him tight so the hairdresser could cut his hair.

Her assistant even had to hold his feet at one point and I had to continually mop up the spittle and snot from his face.

It was over quickly enough and as soon as it finished my angelic, smiley son reappeared as if butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth!!

He was given a lolly and skipped out of there without a care in the world!

I, on the other hand am covered in hair and itching plus aching from trying to restrain my monster.

My little boy is now the proud owner of a smart new haircut, but I’m dreading doing it all over again in a couple of months time!

4 thoughts on “Hairdressing Hell”

  1. Very handsome. And I really feel for you honey. Even when you know you’re not hurting them, forcing anything on your child feels so cruel and unnatural. Since Brodie has needed glasses for astigmatism, I’ve had to take him to get eye drops before his eye test (to make his pupils dilate so the optician can see more). We have to pin him down and force his eyelids open while he fights and cries and screams. I need a gin and tonic afterwards!

    • You have my sympathy, Abbey had a lazy eye and had to have those. They really do hurt them – as for the G&T I’m on a self imposed booze ban on school nights so I’ll just have to have a cuppa!

  2. My youngest was like this until this time. He’s 3 1/2 now and he was fine for the first time getting his hair cut, before that he was sweating, screaming, kicking and crying. I used to cover his eyes and the hairdresser and I would tell him I was doing it. I hope he grows out of it. He’s such a cutie x Hugs xxx


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