My household seems to be suffering from a severe case of oneupmanship and it’s starting to drive me mad.

The main culprit is my four year old although the older ones give him a run for his money.

For example, if we are watching Spiderman – “I’m Spiderman” comes out of Isaac’s mouth and then you get “No I’m Spiderman” from one of the others. Then the bickering commences and no amount of telling them they can both be Spiderman will appease them.

Then there’s the whole winner thing! Isaac has to be the winner and goes into meltdown if I, his brothers and now the mindees get to the front door / up the stairs / to the car first! It has got so bad that I have banned the work “loser” and have taken the Zingzilla’s phrase – “Last one there is a prickly pear”

I think his brothers mainly do it to wind him (and me) up, but his friends do it too so I think it must be an age thing!

They bicker over toys they don’t even own, “I’m getting it”, “No, I’m Getting it and so and so is buying it for me” and then there is the whole who is jumping higher on the trampoline thing!

They have started as they mean to go on this morning so I’m going to borrow Eliza’s ear defenders and hide so I can’t hear them!!

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  1. Oh hunny huge hugs, Summer Holidays are such a love/hate time, I am sure he will grow out of it soon, they all go through a stage but you are right in not molly coddling him. My Aunt did with her daughters and they are demons now if they don’t win and are both in their teens x


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