Happy 12th Birthday!

On 20th August 2000 after a 33 hour labour (my longest), my Chunky Monkey was born weighing in at a whopping 9lb 1oz.
My Dad and step-mum took Abbey and Callan on the Saturday as I was in slow labour and Andrew went to work as usual as a Night Manager in Tesco.  I remember going to bed to try and get some rest and being rudely awoken at some ungodly hour with my waters going “POP”.
Andrew hurried home and we set off for the hospital, who examined me and then sent me back home.  We relaxed and watched Rush Hour on video waiting for things to get moving.
I cannot remember what time we went into hospital, but things kept building up and then slowing down, so we were sent out for a walk.  Andrew was supposed to be playing in a charity football match that day and so we made a decision to walk over the road and see how they were getting on, as the Leisure Centre was opposite the hospital.
The walk did the trick and I remember huffing and puffing at the sidelines, begging to go back into hospital.  It took us a while to get back across the road and I soon settled back in my room and began puffing on the gas and air – much to the amusement of Andrew who was making Darth Vader impressions.
I was asked if I minded a student Doctor and midwife in the room – to be honest I couldn’t have cared of the whole England football team were there at the time.  The midwives could see I was struggling, as Kian was back to back so I ended up almost vertical on the bed trying to use gravity to help deliver him.
It worked and just before 4pm Kian was born and he was well worth the pain!!
Happy Birthday Kian!!

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