Other peoples children

Today I had one of those days when I saw the worst in other peoples children.

Most parents and their children are wonderful, really friendly and polite – but then there are those that aren’t!

I’m not one to preach about how to raise children – In fact Isaac can be a devil at times, but I always discipline if the need arises!!

Today I witnessed something I found truly shocking!! A boy of about 9 or 10 was (to be wanting of a better word) – a bully. He was chasing another boy around and then pushed him to the ground and was obviously throttling him!

I saw this happening and said quite firmly “NO, that behaviour is not acceptable” and the culprit ran off to his dad in tears!

I did feel awful, I do not like to make any child upset, but at no point did his parents intervene and the victim was in my charge.

I did explain my concerns to the child’s father a few minutes later, as Eliza had dragged me round to where he was standing. Upon seeing me, the boy fled to his mother and Dad seemed non-plussed about the whole situation.

Then later in the day, I was walking back from the local shop with the double buggy and a gaggle of youngsters (tweens), were all blocking my way.  I politely said “excuse me” and was then met with a comment about how they would sue me if I ran over their feet with my pram!  I bit my tongue and got on with my journey, only to find out that the same group of children had thrown a bottle of stream water over another child and had broken his Doctor Who sonic screwdriver.

I would hate to think that my children would act like this, and would certainly be having strong if I found out that they had.

I would love to know what you would do in a similar situation!

3 thoughts on “Other peoples children”

  1. I would do exactly the same as you. Horrible. Good for you. Lovely to meet you the other day. Sorry there wasnt much chance for a chat. Next time eh? X

  2. I would have done the same as you, so many times at soft play there have been children who have been bullying other children and the parents are too busy chatting to notice or don’t care. If my child was ever doing anything wrong, I’m right up there giving them a row and they will be taken home if they do it again. Why do other parents let their kids get away with it. I’d hate it if my children weren’t well behaved in other company. I know they all have their moments. xx

  3. I think I would have done the same as you – at the end of the day older children do set an example to our younger kids and if they see bigger children behaving in this way then it leads to the old argument “but they’re doing it.” Whilst Roo is certainly no angel she does generally behave in public. Good on you.


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