Starting School

Isaac officially starts “big school” on Monday but I have to admit it doesn’t feel any different.

He has been at Nursery School in the school he will be attending and has had to wear uniform during this time. He will also have the same teachers and will be in the same classroom. The only difference is he has only been attending 9-12 Monday to Friday.

From Monday he will again be going 9-12 for a week, then 9-1.15 so he gets used to eating at school. Then from 24th September he will be full time.

I will miss his cheeky face, but I’m also looking forward to having the freedom of being able to take Eliza out to fun places, that I used to do with him and not have to worry about watching the clock and making a mad dash to pick him up at 12.

Isaac needs school. He is bright and inquisitive and loves to learn. He has mastered the art of writing his name over the summer and is starting to make out simple words when we read books.

Good Luck at big school Isaac – you are going to love it!!

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  1. I have no doubt you will still shed a little tear and that Isaac will look adorable in his new uniform. You and Eliza will get lots of mummy time together and it will be great. Have a wonderful first day at big school Isaac x


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