It’s not been in our house for about 10 years but this week it hit, with poor Eliza (now known as Spotty Dotty) picking it up from somewhere.

Luckily she hasn’t had it too badly, but has suffered most with spots on her head, face and girly bits, which have got very sore as she is still in nappies.

Treatments have changed in the last ten years as I remember slathering my oldest children with the horrible pink Calamine Lotion, which didn’t used to work.

Thanks to you lovely lot on twitter, I was sent a whole host of remedies and advice which made the whole experience more bearable for both Eliza and I.

So if you’re little one is unfortunate enough to catch it, then I highly recommend you stock up the medicine cabinet with the following:

Virasoothe – the modern day calamine lotion that cools, soothes and stops the itch as well as helping prevent scarring! It’s a good as it claims!!

Calpol – a staple of any medicine cabinet when you have children and a no nonsense way of helping with the flu like symptoms

Piriton – an anti-histamine which helps stop the dreaded itching. It has the added bonus of causing drowsiness too so can aid sleep

Bicarbonate of Soda – no we weren’t baking cakes, but a handful added to bath water helps stop the itching

Lavender Oil – I added to her bath water and it also helps stop the itch as well as having an antiseptic quality as well as a lovely fragrance. I also dabbed this neat onto the spots on her head that the Virasoothe couldn’t get too. (be careful not to get it onto healthy skin)

TeaTree Oil – again added to her bath water and used for its antiseptic qualities – it also smelled lovely!!

So, on behalf of Spotty Dotty – thank you for helping her feel better!!

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